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Off-season holidays in the Eastern Pyrenees

Spring and autumn

Spring and Autumn

Your first sunbathing of the year.
Your first sunbathing of the year. Discover the stunning scenery of the Roussillon plain with the snowy mountains at the backdrop. Attend the unusual procession of "la Sanch" in Perpignan. Wind addicts will enjoy "Mondial du Vent", a windsurf and kitesurf competition featuring the best riders in the world...


The nature both green and flowery invites you to numerous walks along the sea or in the countryside. Marisol campsite is the perfect place to enjoy holidays and many bank holidays. In early May, you can enjoy the first cherries of France, during the cherry festival in Ceret or in many traditional markets.


The beach is yours. Huge and peaceful.
The long sunny days invite you to enjoy your vacation and live outdoors. In early summer, the fires of St. John ablaze the whole country to the summit of Canigou.


The month when the heat becomes smooth. The sea water reached nice temperatures, beautiful day to come. In the hinterland, the harvest is in full swing.
To see : the festival of photojournalism "Visa" to Perpignan.


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