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Campsite by the Mediterranean Sea

At Village Camping Spa Marisol, from your cottage, listen to the rolling waves mixed with the sea breeze.
No doubt, the sea is just steps away...

The beach is directly accessible from the campsite !

A huge sandy beach

The campsite borders an immense beach of 4 kilometers of sand, endowed with the blue flag of Europa
Direct encounter with the infinite renewal of waves and sand. Healthy air and bright sunshine. Groves of tamarins or maze of reeds, the beach dunes are a paradise of plants and all sorts of animals. Bee-eaters and other lizards stalking insects, attentive to humans basking in the sun...

The Mediterranean, on the nature side

If you have the good idea to get there early, on the horizon line, just above the big blue, the sun gently illuminates the beach and bathes the nature with shades of pink... it is good to get absorbed by the lapping waves, the cry of a seagull... And it is a new morning which starts in Torreilles. In summer time, indulge in the temptation of beach restaurants from where the aroma of grilling and friendly glasses tinkling music goes up...
Relax on the huge natural sun-drenched beach, without a building on the horizon where the natural environment is protected and preserved by the Conservatoire du Littoral. Of course, one can simply sunbathing... but the water enthusiasts can indulge in scuba diving and other beach games freely in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.


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