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The Pyrénées-Orientales at the gateway to Spain

At the foot of the Pyrenees, between the sea and the mountains, the Camping Club Le Marisol in Torreilles-Plage, is the starting point for many nature walks or cultural visits. Located a few kilometres away, the Costa Brava is a leading destination in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

The city of Girona (or Girona in Castillan) is 96km from Perpignan, and is very easy to get to. As soon as you arrive, you will notice that it is full of originality, colours and joie de vivre. It is a city that also has an important cultural and patrimonial wealth. You can visit the city walls, the Jewish quarter, the baths and the Plaça de la Independència (Independence Square), among many others.

Situated 90km from Perpignan, Cadaquès is the easternmost village in mainland Spain. It is a charming village situated in a bay bordered by mountains. This small village is hidden behind the mountains on the Mediterranean coast. To get there we advise you to go through Collioure, Banuyls sur Mer, Cerbère, Portbou and continue along Llançà to Cadaquès. The road is superb and you will discover places that are worth the diversion.

El Port de la Selva is located 85 km from Perpignan, on the Mediterranean coast. It is a charming little village, which still lives mainly from fishing, superb view from the port, visit the narrow streets with their staircases, typical colourful houses, delicious simplicity...

The small town of Ripoll, much less well known than the previous ones, is 136 km from Perpignan which developed mainly around the Benedictine monastery which was a very important cultural centre in the Middle Ages.



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